125 EUR (3500 CZK)
Regular fee*
100 EUR (2800 CZK)
Members of IEEE*
100 EUR (2800 CZK)
Members of Czech Electrotechnical Society*
100 EUR (2800 CZK)
Members of URSI*
100 EUR (2800 CZK)
Students fee*
25 EUR (700 CZK)
Additional paper of the first author**
25 EUR (700 CZK)
Attendance without a paper***

*One Regular/IEEE/URSI/CES/Student registration fee covers
  • Publishing one paper in the RADIO 2021 or COMITE 2021 Conference proceedings. The papers cannot exceed 6 pages (including all figures, tables and references).
  • Attending all oral/video sessions of the MAREW 2021.
  • Online proceedings of all accepted papers.

**Second paper fee covers
  • Publishing one additional paper (available only if the first author is the same in both accepted papers).

***Attendance fee covers
  • Attending all oral/video sessions of the MAREW 2021 (available only for participant without a paper).

Payment information

To be announced

  • If you want to participate in conference without submitting article you have to be registered user (http://www.marew.cz/user/login).
  • Payment by wire transfer only. The payment in cash will not be accepted.
  • The sender must pay all appropriate wire transfer charges in addition to the registration fee. Bank fees should not be "shared".
  • Once the wire transfer transaction has been completed, please email a copy of the wire transfer receipt and the invoice information to info@marew.cz.
  • Payment will not be cleared until it is actually received in bank account of the MAREW2021.
  • You can receive your invoice electronically during the conference.